How Can I Come out of Depression?

This is indeed a trillion-dollar question that is often asked on Google. Be it a teenager, a young adult, a mid-aged professional, or a retired senior citizen, most people are a victim of negative thoughts that make them feel upset and lonely. 

More than half the planet is seeking an answer to this question. ‘How can I come out of depression?’. 

The biggest myth about depression is that money and depression are unrelated.

The majority of people think that depression seeps in when you don’t get as many financial achievements as you desire. Let me tell you, this is a complete lie. If this was true, then the wealthiest people like Johny Depp, Lady Gaga, Ellen, Tom Cruise, Anjelina Jolie, J K Rowling, etc. would never have seen the face of it.

In fact, sadly, the wealthiest people have been in the darkest phase of depression for very long. So, those of you who think that you will be the happiest one day when you have all the luxuries of the world are genuinely mistaken.

People who are poor and do not get sufficient food to eat are sad and unhappy, which is different than being depressed. Depression is a negative state of mind that denies you to register any positivity or hopes that you might see in life.

Depression is the worst state of mind as it deprives you of all the happiness, pleasures, and comforts that already exist in your life. Just imagine…..

What good is a luxurious bed if your mind is continuously negative and unhappy?

What good is a big palatial house, when you cannot find any peace and happiness while living in it?

So, depression is a state of mind that has nothing to do with money, but often people relate their depression to lack of finances.

Now, what can you do to come out of depression

Of course, there is always a way out. Do you know that happiness or positivity is ingrained in our DNA? We are stillborn as small happy cute little kids who learn negative beliefs about life while growing up and end up feeling negative.

Here are proven ways to come out of depression.

  1. Watch inspiring videos or movies: Visual medium has a profound impact on our minds, which is why the advertising industry has thrived so much over the years. Whenever you feel depressed, you must get yourself absorbed in watching inspiring movies like:

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Blind Side

Brave Heart

The War Room, etc.

There are plenty of movies in Hindi and English to inspire you. And movies have a profound impact on all of us. So, make sure to watch these movies over and over again till your mind starts responding with positivity.

2. Look for the brighter side of every situation: No matter if you have missed a job opportunity or your most awaited promotion, there is always something good hidden in every opportunity.

Every night breaks into a day eventually- that’s the rule of nature. It means that nothing stays forever, and neither will this phase of feeling lonely and left out end soon. The sooner you start looking at the brighter side of every situation, the sooner you will start feeling better, which will help you bounce back to your original happy self.

3. Understand nothing happens without reason: Everything that is happening to you –

For example :

the place where you live, what you do, who do you work with, your relationship with family and friends, the situations you are facing daily, are here to help you grow further in your journey of life. 

Every small or big thing that happens to you through the day happens for a reason. Most of the things may look bizarre at the moment, but at some point in time, when you realize your purpose in life, everything that happened to you will make complete sense to you.

The people who bring bitter experiences to your life are indeed your best teachers. They have only come to teach you lessons that will upgrade your life for the better.

4. Practice silence: If you fix your thinking, you fix your problems. Most problems exist in our mind, and the moment we fix our minds, the problems start to resolve. The worst thing that has happened to us is that we have lost control of our minds.

Whether we are driving, cooking, bathing, or just merely sitting idle, our mind keeps repeating negative thoughts that exhaust us mentally and attract more negative in our lives. The best way to overcome any depression, be it mild, moderate, or severe, is to take charge of our mind.

How do you take charge of your mind?

By practicing silence…..

Silence feeds and nurtures our mind. Just sit in a comfortable position and practice sitting with an empty mind with closed eyes. Initially, you will find it very difficult to empty your minds without letting any thoughts in, but slowly, you will be able to gain control over your mind for a few seconds. And, with constant practice, a few seconds will turn into a few minutes.

10 minutes of practicing silence are enough to get your mind going through the day. Silence is so powerful that if you practice it continuously, then you will find answers to most of your problems when you sit in silence. 

Also, silence will ensure that you remain in a positive frame of mind having complete control over your thinking in the most difficult circumstances too. 

We will talk more about how to beautify your thoughts and life just by following very simple basic things. I am a firm believer in positivity! When you are positive even mountains will meltdown to smooth terrains to give you a comfortable walk. Just hang on!!

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