How do you gauge your self-worth?

I read a beautiful story somewhere, which was so exciting that I could not hold back myself from sharing it with you. This story is so beautiful that it builds a crystal clear image of how valuable each one of us is.

It so happens that one of the students of a famous, accomplished guru, goes up to him and asks, ‘What is my true self-worth ?’ He says I don’t know how valuable I am?

The guru gives him a stone and asks him to find out its actual value. He clearly instructs that the boy must not sell the stone at any cost, but must be able to find its actual value?

The boy was utterly confused as to why has his guru given him a stone rather than simply answering his question. Anyways, he chose to obey his guru as he was an honest and dedicated student. 

He took the stone to an orange seller first, and asked what do you think is the value of this stone? The orange seller looked at the stone carefully and said, ‘I will give you one full basket of oranges in exchange for this stone.’ The boy said, ‘No, I am not willing to sell it.’ 

The boy then went to a vegetable seller and asked the same question. The vegetable seller said I will give you a truck full of my vegetables, in exchange for this stone.’ But, the boy refused to sell it.

He then walked into a jeweler’s shop and asked him the value of the stone. The jeweler offered to pay him 50 thousand rupees in exchange for that stone. On boy’s refusal, the jeweler said I can pay you double or even triple of it. But, the boy refused to sell the stone and moved on.

Before reaching his guru, he came across a huge jewelry shop and thought of checking the value of the stone for the last time. The jeweler offered him 1 Crore rupees or 10 million rupees to get the stone. The boy was surprised to hear that and even got tempted to sell it but couldn’t as his guru had instructed.

At last, he went back to his guru and told him all that had happened. The guru was glad to see his student again, and he now answered his question.

The question was, ‘What is my true self-worth?’

The Guru said, your true self-worth is beyond your imagination as you are a being, a life, the most precious thing that ever existed and will ever exist. You are the biggest gift of God. 

But, just as in the case of stone, the orange seller could gauge the worth of the stone equivalent to only one orange basket, and the same stone was valued at 10 million rupees by some jeweler. Likewise, different persons would behave differently with you because of their own values and motives. Their behavior, courtesy, goodness will often be defined by specific parameters which are:

  • What is your financial standing?
  • How important or well-connected you are in society?
  • How useful are you for them?
  • What is their motive behind meeting you?

The guru said, ‘if you end up gauging yourself with others behaviour towards you, you will always end up making a big blunder. Instead, if you are aware of your true worth or your actual value, others will invariably start respecting you for your consciousness towards self.

So, never see yourself as others see you. Always be very happy and confident in life, and believe in yourself. Because, if you don’t believe in your own self, no one else will!!

With this learning, the student was extremely gratified and went on to become one of the wealthiest persons. 

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