Learn to be modest from Sadio Mane- A multimillionaire footballer

Sadio Mane is a well-known name in the world. Who doesn’t know Sadio Mane, one of the best football players of Africa? He is a Richie rich who earns a fat pay package of 10.2 Million US Dollars annually.

How do you expect such a rich man to be? You would visualize him driving the latest Ferrari or a Limousine, or living in a huge palatial house with hundreds of rooms and best of decor, and owning the best cell phones in the world.

But, how do you look at it when you see Sadio Mane using a broken phone? Off late, Sadio Mane was seen holding a phone with a broken screen. And, imagine that such petty news about him is blown out of proportion, which goes on to show how big a star he is?

On questioning this, he stated that he is definitely not a believer in owning riches. Life had not been easy for Mane in his early days. He was born in a poor family and starved many times due to lack of food. He worked in the fields only to earn some money. He played football barefooted. He lacked all the basic necessities and never went to school.

But, as life would have it, he is hugely grateful to football that he can own the biggest luxuries in the world. He can own hundreds of Ferraris, big palatial homes, and his own private jets, but he doesn’t want any of these……shocking, of course, it does sound shocking!

Sadio instead believes in living life modestly. He lives in a comfortable set-up and spends only his needs. He does a lot of charity as well. He has built schools, a stadium, and distributes free food, clothes, shoes, money, etc. to people in need. He recently donated 2,00,000 pounds to build a mosque, a school and a hospital in his home town in Africa.

The best learning that we can carry from Sadio’s life is that despite owning so much wealth, he is so contented with having little. He is modest, compassionate, and believes in giving back to society to serve mankind. Kudos to Sadio for his brilliant thoughts and work!!

After all, a good deed travels far and wide and is noticed and appreciated by one and all! The most significant learning from this story is that it takes very little to be happy and contented, but we keep waiting to have big riches, a big palatial home, a huge bank balance to be satisfied. And, guess what, even if you get these riches, the lasting happiness will only come from being realistic, modest, and simple in living.

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