What every parent must know about exam stress?

Exams! Exams! Exams!

With exam time around, there are so many unfortunate incidences of young school going kids ending up committing suicides due to exam stress. It is so sad to hear and read of such incidences!

Not just the students, but their parents are also somewhere extremely stressed about their performance. But, is it really needed to be stressed so much about performing well in exams?

I know there is immense cut-throat competition in the world. In order to secure admission to good colleges, students need to perform well in broad exams.

But, just think about it, here are a few successful names with their educational background:

  • Ted Turner – Founder of CNN- was expelled from Brown University. Current Worth – 2.3 Bn dollars
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Harvard University drop out- Facebook cofounder. Current Worth – 67.3 Bn dollars
  • Anthony Robbins – Motivational speaker. He never went to school. Current Worth – 500 Mn $
  • Narendra Modi – India’s Prime Minister. He was a tea seller earlier and now holds the most precious position in the Indian government. 
  • Soichiro Honda – Founder of Honda. Quit school. His total worth before he died was 92 Mn $
  • Larry Page – Google Co-founder. Stanford University dropout. Net Worth 133 Bn $

They share a common educational factor, which is that they are all either school or university dropouts. 

Another common thing in them is:

They all dared to dream big and believe in their dreams when no-one else believed in them

So if studies were everything and scoring marks really defined the future ahead, then we would not have had these success stories. 

The very fact that uneducated people could define and set benchmarks for the entire world goes on to show that there is a lot more than studies to determine career success ahead.

You have such relevant stories in every field, be it technical or non-technical. The automobile sector, the creative film making business, sports, public speaking, digital media, etc. are filled with examples of these sorts. 

Of course, I don’t intend to say that students must not study. Students must study and study really well, but they must enjoy the process of learning and growing your knowledge. Knowledge is a potent tool, and just one exam cannot gauge your actual knowledge of any subject.

But, systems are designed to ease up the education process, so we must appreciate the process of exams totally. As a student, you must focus on studying as much as you can, and most importantly, don’t ever study with fear in mind.

Instead, study with peace, joy, and happiness to add on to your knowledge and skills. Think it in this way, ‘If you dream big, you are destined to become big.’ So, your current studies are tools that will make the journey to success more accessible for you.

With this in mind, you will never get bored of studying; instead, you will thoroughly enjoy it. And, the moment you do something with joy, the result is bound to be extremely convincing and impressive.

Happy Exam time!

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