Can ageing be reversed?

One fine day if you wake up to see a small freckle on the face, and don’t you rush to your beautician to get it fixed? If you wake up to see one grey hair strand, don’t you freak out completely?

Am I right? This is what is going on around us. We are inching closer to ageing much faster than we actually should, which is really worrisome.

So, here I am trying to answer a very crucial question, which is:

‘Can we reverse the biological ageing’? 

In other words, ‘Can we rejuvenate our body’s epigenetic clock?’

Well, who can answer this better than science? Let’s see what science has to say about this. One recent research on slowing the ageing process has given remarkable results. 

There was a study done recently in California where 9 healthy volunteers were given a mix of ‘Growth Hormone and 2 anti-diabetic medications.’ They were studied for a year to see the results. After 1 year, when their genome was studied, it was found that they had dropped 2.5 years of their age.

The surprising thing to note here is that the ageing did not slow down, but it actually reversed. The study is referred to as epigenetic analysis, which is done using marks on the genome.

Of course, this research needs to be backed with a lot of evidence before announcing it officially. But, the first hope of reversing ageing has undoubtedly come out with this.

Let us see some excellent real-life observations related to ageing

Ever come across a person in ’20s and yet looks way too older than his/her actual age? 

Ever come across a person in ’60s and yet looks like as if he/she is in his 40’s still?

I am sure each one of us has come across at least one such person belonging to both the categories.

Okay, now let me take you to an exciting scientific fact. Do you know that the gene for longevity is called ‘SIRT 6’, which is the same in all of us?

Then, how come some people end up living longer and healthier than the rest. 

The answer to this lies in our minds. Our life, our health, the situations, and the people we meet in life are all deeply connected to our minds. 

One quote that I firmly believe in is, ‘What we think creates our lives.’ It means that we become what we think.

You would notice that people who look much younger than their actual age are the ones who are light-hearted. Such people do not hold on to the grudges at all, they forgive and forget. Such people are seen to spend most of their lives in contentment and joy, which lengthens their life spans too.

So, our health and longevity is definitely a reflection of our mindsets. It is as good as programming your mind to enjoy this journey of life no matter what, and it responds with longevity and healthy life. 

On the contrary, some people are super cynical and critical about life. They don’t readily accept the challenging times and always fall trap to blaming others for their life. Such people are resentful, jealous, and grumpy all the time. 

Every thought we think is absorbed by every single cell of our body. So, when we create negative thoughts, our cells absorb pain and hurt, but when we create positive thoughts, our cells rejoice in joy and happiness.

No wonder, with negative mindsets and a self-centered approach, we get drifted away from life. Our cells cannot function in pain and hurt, and it results in a shortened life filled with diseases. Most people fall prey to arthritis, cancer, and heart diseases when they are resentful, hurt, and discontented for a long time.

How much does our genetics define our lives?

Longevity is only controlled up to 25% by genetics…….how amazing that is. It means that no matter how healthy or how long your previous generation has lived, you still have a 75% chance of making life happen your way.

Factors like positive environment, healthy nourishing food, closeness to nature, the feeling of gratitude, and traveling light without carrying any baggage of the past, defines our longevity to a great extent.

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