Have you met your soul?

If I ask you, ‘Have you met your soul mate?’, you would be so excited to hear about this question. Everyone is looking out for a soulmate out there, of course, if they haven’t found one.

A soulmate is something that we each look for, search for, and eventually, end up meeting one day or the other, but ‘how about meeting your soul’?

Have you met your soul? 

No, I am not talking about your body with which you identify yourself. 

As you are much more than your body, your name, or the professional labels attached to you in this world. 

The only meeting for which you are here on this planet is to meet your soul. Most of us are not even aware of our core, inner spirit, or being who runs this body and brain.

The soul is the source that brought us to this world. The soul is infinite and is blessed to have an abundance.

What is the soul made of? 

Once, somebody thought of identifying the right source that created us. 

People were curious to know who made us? 

How do we come to life? 

How does life begin with each child?

So, they got into studying an expecting mother’s womb. The sperm and ovum fertilize to form a ‘zygote.’ The zygote formed is a tiny dot, which is the same as the size of the head of a pin.

The tiny dot was kept under a high-resolution microscope to study what it is made of. The only visible thing was plenty of particles existing inside the dot.

Now, to proceed further, two particles were isolated from that dot. And, those particles were made to collide with each other with a huge force to break them apart. It was done to see what is inside each particle that brings life to this planet.

Shockingly, every particle was empty inside without a single thing in it. The experiment went on to show that each particle was made up of energy, and it is the energy that gives rise to matter.

The energy keeps transforming itself from a tiny dot to a proper human baby with a pair of eyes, ears, hands, legs, and a nose. There is some divine intelligence in the form of energy that guides the path of a tiny dot to transform it into a proper human baby.

That same divine intelligence prepares the mother’s womb and transforms it to nourish and nurture that tiny dot into a life. 

How wonderful that sounds, isn’t it? 

The energy which is being referred here is nothing but soul. It means that the soul has divine wisdom, for it can give life a physical form.

If this soul is so empowered and has such divine wisdom, then why are we so lost today?.

Well, the answer is simple, 

It is so because we haven’t met our soul yet ?’

We only identify ourselves as the body we see in the mirror, or as a label that we carry at work. We don’t realise that the main driver, the main thinker, the main admirer of life is the soul, which is the very core of our existence.

Is there anyone who has met the soul?

Yes, some very renowned names who shot to success just after meeting their souls. When you tap into the inner divine wisdom, the inner divine power, it brings miracles to your life.

Here, are people who met their souls, and this is what happened to them soon after

  • Jim Carry: He rose to become an enormously rich man by letting the soul tap into the universal wisdom and bring him all the worldly possessions he dreamt off.
  • Louise Hay: When she discovered her soul and made it her best friend, she got cured of the advanced stage of cervical cancer without treatment.
  • Oprah Winfrey: Her soul led her path of becoming one of the richest and the most famous woman on Earth. She was a victim of racism and inhuman behavior by people around.
  • Wayne Dyer: He let the supreme wisdom in his soul cure him of massive heart failure without any surgery.

And, the list goes on and on…..

So, would you like to meet your soul?

If yes, then look out for my upcoming blog posts. Till then bye bye……

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