Unleashing the true essence of womanhood

Kuddos to all women out there who are indeed the best creation of almighty. Women are nurturers, caretakers, birth givers, and soft-hearted with a great emotional quotient.

No doubt, women have proven themselves to be a big ‘achievers’ and ‘trendsetters’ in every field. Their brilliance and talent is demonstrated by their presence everywhere from Earth till up to Moon.

Despite being the best creation of almighty, women have been judged for years together. Here, are some of the issues that women are faced with:

  1. Women as working professionals or as homemakers

A woman has been given the most crucial role by nature to be a life-giver. 

Bringing up life inside the womb and nurturing it forever outside it is one of the most engaging and challenging tasks on the planet. 

A woman is the one who instills values, ethics, and awareness in her kids, which shapes them to become beautiful human beings when they grow up.

So, this question of whether a woman is a homemaker or a professional is totally redundant. As in either case, she is a provider. 

Of course, for her own financial independence and identity, a woman must always work. But, taking a break to bring up kids is valid and must be much appreciated. 

Thankfully, times are changing, and a lot of women are continuing their professional careers after a break. Such opportunities need to thrive for women. 

I see a lot of women feeling upset, for they think they have reduced their potential by just being homemakers. 

The most challenging thing ever to do is to be an unconditional lover, an unconditional caretaker, and to work day in and night to address the family needs. When as a woman, you could happily accept and perform the most daunting tasks, then there is nothing in this world that you can’t do.

Have that faith and restart your career once your kids grow and start going to school. It is essential as a woman to look at yourself as a winner who could welcome every single change in life positively. After all, the world sees you as you see yourself!

2. Women must get married soon!

Of course, getting married at the right implies for everyone, be it a man or a woman. But, getting married early just because you are a woman, is not the best decision to make. 

Every girl must have a goal in life. You could choose to be anybody that you desire from a tailor to a doctor. And, your desires must be fuelled at a professional level to earn a decent income from it.

Take time to settle down in your career of choice and make sure you earn decently before getting married. Marriage should definitely be on the cards, but it is not the last thing that you are born for. 

And, to secure your future as a woman, it is essential to have a decent career with a respectable income.

3. Beauty, fairness, slender figure is a must for a young woman: Not at all! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Fairness and beauty are only temporary and does not serve you long, the true beauty lies in fact, how beautiful you are as a person. 

And, this holds true for both a man as well as a woman. A beautiful person is somebody who has beautiful thoughts and feelings, somebody who knows how to love and serve unconditionally. 

Such people are born pleasers. What luck to have a partner with a beautiful heart and mind. Looking for a fair partner with a slender figure is the wrong way to go ahead in life.

Ultimately, it is a person’s hearts, feelings, and deeds that make you feel good or bad in a relationship. No wonder why relationships are falling apart like a card castle because they are built based on outer beauty, which hardly has any significance.

Well, there are a lot more issues that can be written about here. I will definitely write about those issues in my further blogs. Please let me know how you found this blog and also do write to me about what particular topics you would want me to address about being a woman. 

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