Do I write my own destiny?

Do I write my own destiny?

Often, when you are watching a popular talk show or a celebrity interview, you get to hear such heart touching lines, ‘I guess, I was destined to be in movies, or I guess I was destined to be a superstar.’ 

This one line creates such fascination in us that we go thinking, ‘I wish I was destined to be a superstar too.’

Such thoughts kindle in all of us when we watch these biggie big talking onscreen. But, if destiny is written, then on what basis is destiny written for each one of us. 

This question has often intrigued me for very long. But, luckily after walking on this beautiful journey of life, I have been able to find out the answer to it.

         Yes, destiny is written, yet, we can create life the way we want.

Sounds confusing, right? The ancient scriptures, the best spiritual leaders, and the accomplishers talk about this one theory of life, which says that we have the power to create. 

The power to create life the way we want is possible through using our empowered mind in the right way. If you have been hearing these spiritual healers like Donna Eden, you would realise that there is nothing around us except energy.

It is the energy that has created life on Earth. It is the energy in a divine form that guides our path. It is the energy with which we live each day that determines the next and the next and the next day.

It is only the energy that remains once we depart from Earth. This proves that our creation, our existence, and our life is determined by nothing else but energy.

So, let us get back to the same question –

                        ‘Do I write my own destiny?’

Yes, you have the power to create your own destiny. We have been blessed with this beautiful creative ability in the form of mind. The mind is nothing but an energy that thinks and creates.

So, what we think is what we are willing to create. The only fundamental logic is that you cannot think anything that you don’t wish to create. Because, when you think, you are transforming energy as thoughts. This energy goes out, is accepted by the Universe, and is brought back to you in the form of reality.

So, do you realise that you have been creating something that you wanted or you have been creating something that you dislike? 

But it is you who is creating! This is such a beautiful thing to observe and realise, but unfortunately, most of us are not even aware of the fact that we can create our lives and our destiny.

Of course, in life, you will come across people who are born with a silver spoon. They are blessed with all the fortunes of life and inherit their family’s profession or their family’s business to prosper further. 

Yes, the big superstars or business tycoons often bring in their grown-up kids to carry forward their professional legacy. Such blessed kids usually get a readymade set up, brand name, or fame to mark their beginning. 

But, life is fair to one and all. There is something called as ‘past deeds’ or ‘past karmas’ that define things like:

  • Where will you be born?
  • Who will be your dad, mom, and siblings?
  • How will you live – in comforts or in scarcity?
  • How will your health be?
  • Who will you marry? etc.

So, the famous, the wealthy, the Richie rich are definitely blessed souls who are given the fruits of their past deeds. We can still achieve a lot more than them just by doing the right deeds in this lifetime.

The right deeds begin with the way we think in our minds. If you think right, you will be surprised to see how all good flows into your lives. For a few days, practice this….

Be grateful, choose happy thoughts, and be positive and see how you take charge of your destiny.

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