How to keep the kids busy during the lockout?

With this unexpected turn with COVID-19 spread, there is so much that has changed in our lives. For a moment, life seems to have stopped with no traffic to chase and no morning hour rush of reporting to the office on time.

For kids too, life has changed completely. They can no longer go out to play and nor can their playmates visit them. They cannot even go to school or any hobby classes to themselves engaged. In such a case, how to keep them busy, happy, and engaged at home becomes challenging.

So, here are a few tips that will surely help your kids to kick off boredom and enjoy life even during a lockdown:

House Chores: Encourage kids to participate in house chores with you. Your kids can easily do simple activities like dusting the sofas, bed making, folding clothes, arranging washed utensils.

   It will be fun for them, and at the same time, they will learn to be responsible and participative. This small initiative will help them become independent once they grow up. 

2. Watering plants: If you have plants at home, then looking after them is a fantastic activity for kids. Teach kids how to water the plants and look after them. Let them participate in removing all withered leaves and twigs. 

Gardening will keep your kids’ energies alive, and they will enjoy doing this during this break. Moreover, when the kids nurture nature, Mother Nature will bestow them with blessings and love in life.

3. Let kids learn some non-fire cooking hacks: You can provide kids with all cut vegetables of their choice. And, kids can assemble the chopped vegetables to form some fantastic dishes like garden sandwiches, or snacks like Monaco treats with sliced tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and tomato sauce in it, etc.

You can even teach kids to make lemon water, buttermilk, or any other shakes of their choice. 

This will not just keep the kids encouraged but will also let them have fun while learning something new. 

4. Storytime: This is indeed one of the most interesting ways to engage your child and build his reading skills. You can pull out all the storybooks that you have been stalking inside a cupboard. Now, its time to dust them off and read out all the stories one after the other with your kid. 

Storytelling is both fun and learning for kids. You can also make it a lot more creative by designing some characters out of your imagination or by using any existing characters of your choice from the famous stories. And, then ask your kid to weave a story using those characters. This will help your child to sharpen his creative imagination and also will be very engaging.

5. Watching movies: Watching a good film can be very entertaining for kids. You can enjoy this time as a family and sit together and watch some old classics. There are many cartoon movies too that are available on Netflix and Amazon for kids to watch.

Off late, the mythological series of Ramayana and Mahabharata have also been started on TV, which must be shown to the kids. These series will provide great learning to kids of all age groups about our religion, culture, and beliefs. 

6. Studies: Self-study is indeed the best study. The online course curriculum for each grade is readily available. Every day you can keep some two hours’ time for kids to study. Learning spellings, reading skills, learning mathematical tables, practicing addition and subtraction, learning Hindi can all be done in this leisure time. 

Make sure to invest this leisure time wisely with your kids. Teach them new subjects like nature, animals and wildlife, sea life, etc. Let them learn about volcanoes and lava, about clouds, about Sun and its properties, etc. This will go a long way in brushing up the general knowledge of your kids. 

7. Indoor Games: With restrictions on stepping out of homes, indoor games come as big savior. You can order indoor games online and can enjoy digging back to your own childhood with your kids. Games like Ludo, snakes and ladders, chines checkers, monopoly, cards, carrom, etc. are all-time favourites of kids.

8. Cleaning the house: Let each kid take responsibility for cleaning up one cupboard every day. Knowing that no domestic help will be available for the next few weeks, this will also ensure that your house remains neat and in order. 

Let your kids start with cleaning their own cupboards. The kids must be taught how to fold the clothes and how to stack them in order. And, slowly every day, a new cupboard must be assigned to the kids to keep them engaged and to maintain the hygiene of the house.

9. Arts and Crafts: There are so many arts and crafts activities that are shown on Youtube. You can subscribe to any suitable tutorial of your choice and can start doing these activities with kids. It is great learning, and such activities sharpen the thinking abilities of the child.

10. Praying: This is the time when you can inculcate the practice of regular praying in your kid. Prayers can bring miracles in our lives. People who pray regularly are much more positive and mentally stronger than the rest. It is very important to pray to God every morning and evening. 

So, make sure to teach kids how to pray every morning and evening from today onwards. 

These were a few tips to keep kids engaged. Let us utilise this time in rejuvenating ourselves and rekindling our inner strengths. As somewhere, we have lost the connection with our inner self, which brings a lot of difficulties in life.

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