Is there a positive side to COVID-19 spread?

Though times are tough for the entire world, yet, there is a lot of good that is happening in the world at this hour too. With no human intervention, nature has started healing itself. Some miracles are already visible like so many birds are visiting the cities, the fishes have started coming to sea shores, the Himalayan Mountain range, which is 895 km away from Jalandhar is visible from Jalandhar after decades. 

The miraculous changes we never expected can be seen due to lockdown all over the world. 

Here is how nature is surprising us all with their vivid colours:

Mother Nature is healing itself

Recently, people were surprised to see dolphins visiting the seashore in Marine Drive in Mumbai, and many flocks of birds can be seen touring all across cities where not a single bird was spotted earlier. Pictures of clean Venice canals and beautiful swans in Milan are already going viral on the internet. 

The clean roads, the fresh air, and the clean surroundings are giving a fresh appeal to all the cities across the world. Nature and wildlife are also responding positively to this unwelcome but favourable change. 

The instances of animal poaching and hunting have also reduced completely. Mother nature is becoming stronger and powerful. Nature is the nurturer, the provider, and the healer. The more it repairs and heals itself, the stronger our environment will become, inviting less viral outbreaks in the future.

The pollution has dropped tremendously

The automobile and industrial shut down has helped to curtail the pollutions levels to a great extent. Can you believe that the pollution level in Delhi from 21st March to 27th March dropped by 71%? Usually, the air quality is so poor in Delhi that people suffer from all kinds of respiratory disorders, fatigue, headaches, etc.

When the air quality in Delhi was tested on March 20, the air was reported to have 91 micrograms per cubic meter of pollution. And, on March 27th the pollution fell to 26 micrograms per cubic metre. This is an unbelievable positive change in the environment and that too in a city which ranks in the top most polluted cities of the world.

Family Bonding

Who had thought that as a family, we will get so much time to bond with each other? Eating three meals together, getting to talk to each other at leisure, playing with kids, trying new recipes at home, and, most importantly, eating home-cooked food for weeks together is something we had never dreamt of. 

Life before the Corona crisis had shrunk to just spending weekends together. The weekends were also jam packed with a tight routine of replenishing groceries and daily needs at home. Most weekends would go in helping kids finish their homework, make basic cooking preparation for the complete week ahead, clean the house, and make-up for the loss of sleep.

But, with this prolonged lockdown, life seems so much more fulfilling when each one of us is getting ample time to spend with each other. Suddenly, everything around seems to have paused. Life looks normal, with no tight schedule to follow. There are no Monday blues and no Friday evenings. Every day looks inviting with so much to do for yourself.

Active Lifestyle

Once again, life has become so restricted yet active. With no domestic help coming, doing household chores has made everyone active. Cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. is a bit tiring but so satisfying.

Doesn’t self cook the food seems to be so satisfying? Don’t the kids love the freshly cooked meals prepared by mothers? And, without going to gyms, we are in fact, able to lose weight only because of active participation in house chores.

Though there is a great deal of inconvenience in doing so much physical work but isn’t it making us fitter by the day? Who had ever thought of surviving without any domestic help for weeks together? 

The true purpose of life

Somewhere down the line, people had become completely money-oriented. Life had become like one rat race, and everyone was running after money. It didn’t matter how much money each one of us had; we just wanted more and more.

Somewhere, we had lost the true essence of life. We had started believing that money could buy everything, including health. But, this sudden crisis brought by Corona has made everyone pause and rethink about the power of money.

It is the Richie rich who are getting most affected by Corona. The people who travel abroad are the people who are catching COVID – 19 infections. These people are begging doctors to save them. The rich people with millions of money in their bank account are as vulnerable to Corona as the poor and deprived.

So, even money can’t save you from Corona and makes you as helpless as the poor. Now is the time to self-introspect and work on doing good karma. As good invites good in return, and what money can’t do for you, good deeds will surely do. 

So, with so much hue and cry around about this Corona pandemic, we must also thank God to have given us the opportunity to rethink and reset our priorities in life. It is a crisis like this that forces us to reinvent ourselves. 

I hope you are utilising this time in your favour and also reinventing yourself to fight with such crucial times ahead. 

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