Is non-vegetarian food good for health? The science behind the human digestive system……

Owing to the changing times and changing food culture and preferences, the current humans fall in the category of omnivores, which means eating both plant-based food as well as meat.

But, one million dollar question that knocks the minds of many is……

‘Is Non-vegetarian food good for health?’

Well, let’s find out by digging out the scientific facts.

The science shows that the human intestine is really long, which is suitable to break down plant-based food containing fibres and absorb the essential nutrients from it. On the contrary, meat-eating living beings like animals have a much shorter intestine. 

Another major difference is the kind of teeth we possess. We have flat molar and small canines which are suitable to chew basic plant-based food. If you notice, nature has given carnivorous animals long sharp canines to ensure they can rip apart the flesh of their prey.

According to the statistics suggested by the US Department of Agriculture, eating meat causes foodborne illnesses in most people. About 48 million people are a victim of food poisoning due to consuming meat every year in the US, and more than 3000 people lose their lives. 

Why does meat consumption cause illness?

The illness is caused because our acidic juices are not as strong as that of carnivorous animals. Our digestive juices are milder, which are unable to kill all the bacteria present in the meat consumed. In carnivorous animals, their digestive juices kill all the bacteria present in the hides, flesh, and bones of their prey. 

Logically, all that a human body needs in well available in nature. Fruits top the food pyramid as they are the healthiest and most nutritive food. Raw vegetables are known to be healing food that cures and nurture the human body.

The pulses, rice, and wheat are considered to be healthiest grains. These grains contain plant protein, which is easy to digest. A person maintaining a healthy mix of fruits and raw vegetables is seen to possess good health. Such people don’t require any extra health supplements, and they remain fit and fine without any deficiencies of any sort in the body.

Can you see an animal being slaughtered?

Most meat consumers get frightened to see the sight of the slaughterhouse, where an animal is killed mercilessly to be served on a consumer’s plate. 

When animals are killed, their fear, frustration, hatred, helplessness is captured as energy in them. When we feed on their flesh, the same energy gets passed on to us. 

I am not trying to offend people who are non-vegetarians here. But, post COVID-19 phase, there is much talk about how healthy is non-veg food. Of course, the cause of COVID-19 is still not proven yet, but I just thought of discussing what we get to read about non-vegetarian food.

Vegetarian food provides longevity.

Off late, there is much research being done on the choice of food and its effect on human beings. It is found that people consuming vegetarian food has more efficient digestion. They are found to be much leaner due to less saturated fats in them. Vegetarian food is considered to be more balanced, containing plenty of fibres, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. 

People who consume vegetarian food are less likely to suffer from heart diseases, blood pressure, and other health disorders.

Though science will keep researching and will keep making its claims, yet, we need to be extremely conscious of what we consume. Nature has its own way of revolting, as is proven by COVID-19 spread, and we need to be extremely cautious of our interaction with nature. 

Of course, a lot of health experts believe that meat is extremely nutritious and is rich in protein. In fact, a lot of obese people who are wanting to lose weight are advised to eat plenty of chicken, fish, and eggs to increase the protein intake in the body.

But, how good or bad meat is for humans is still debatable. Various researches are going on in different parts of the world, on the impact of consuming meat on health and mind. Moreover, the science of frequently eating through the day is also being questioned. 

The noble prize winning scientist ‘Yoshinori Oshumi’ who proved how healthy it is to fast every day for a long period of time has shaken the long-standing food beliefs. The sedentary lifestyle supports consuming much less food than our current diet.

Though meat is still consumed in large proportions all over the world, yet, science supports that vegetarian food is much healthier and nutritious. 

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