Hello Life……!!

Amidst all the chaos and fear of COVID-19 doing rounds, I have something light to share here. Though lockdown has brought many challenges with itself, but there is a fresh new positive outlook to life that has emerged with it. Life seems to have changed overnight. No doubt, the initial few years’ days looked scary post-Corona pandemic, but with every passing day, life seems to get so much better.

Staying together as a family for so long has brought so many changes in everyone. The kids have so much more to share about their school and friends. All those anecdotes which perhaps they would not have been able to share in such detail due to lack of time, are so interesting to hear.

Employers are increasingly inclined to offer work from home options. There is no time wasted in commuting back and forth, which has reduced travel stress to a great extent. With in the same 24 hours of time frame, there is so much more time to do.

And, despite being on house arrest, we have managed to grow fitter by doing all the household chores by ourselves. Every member is participating in house chores, and we are all managing life together without any domestic help. This makes us feel that our needs are so little, but we had unnecessarily stretched them way too much.

It feels so nice to breathe in the fresh air from the balconies and terraces of our house. Earlier waking up early used to be a challenge for me, but nowadays, I don’t miss early morning time to enjoy the freshness of the air. 

There are no more rush hours int he mornings involving running on toes to cook lunch before the clock strikes 9, as there are no more lunchboxes required to be packed. Instead, what a pleasure of enjoying hot, freshly cooked family meals together every day. Doesn’t this remind you of the golden old times?

The evenings have smoothly transformed into fun time with board games like Ludo, Carrom, Monopoly played together as a family. This fun time takes me back to my childhood days when we would play these games for hours together. 

The nights are much calmer and quieter, with no honking sounds to disturb. The nights are so much more peaceful as there are no more late-night parties or late-night meetings of any sort. We have completely stopped eating outside food, and have been relishing home-cooked food for weeks together.  

The hidden chef in us has suddenly come out to prepare cakes, cookies, custards, and other delicacies at home. Suddenly the old classic movies have become a routine to be watched every night.

The kids are still studying online without having to bear the physical stress that builds up in attending such prolonged school hours. The kids are so much happier because they are getting to spend so much time with their parents. They are pampered with their favourite food as parents are at home all through the day.

The environment is healing itself. The birds, the forest, the trees, the waters are all thanking humans for letting them rest and thrive. 

But, now is the time when we need to analyse and look back at life. Our lifestyle needs to be modified to become healthier and fitter. We need to be much calmer and positive inside, to boost our mental and physical health. 

Let’s pray that this pandemic finishes soon, and life restores to normal. And I hope that we get back to life with the responsibility of saving the environment and thanking it for nourishing us for so long. 

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