How is life going to change post-COVID-19 pandemic?

Life has taken a completely new U-turn in many ways. The definition of normal has completely transitioned itself. 

It is no longer NORMAL to ……….

  • step out of home when you are feeling bored at home, 
  • Grab a quick pizza bite on the go
  • Look forward to Friday night for weekend parties.
  • Plan a holiday with friends and family
  • Go to office, school or college.

Of course, this is an awkward phase of life with unexpected extremities. But, is life going to stay like this? 

Of course, not …..but life will never be the same again.

So, let’s explore how our lives are expected to change post-COVID-19 Outbreak.

1. Work from home will be a new norm

Recently, TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) announced that its employees would be compulsorily made to work from home in the future even after the Corona outbreak is over. The company revealed that by allowing its employees to work virtually, it would cut down on the infrastructure costs to a great extent. 

So, WFH is going to be the new permanent norm as it offers multiple benefits. The operational costs are much reduced, the transportation costs are cut down, the recreational expenses and travelling time is totally saved.

The companies are realising that offering to work from home is highly beneficial, and this is going to be a new trend of working in the coming days.

2. Travelling will only be need-based

Travelling for work will continue only if the meetings cannot be conducted via online conferences. Only a handful of people will travel for work to overseas destinations. 

Travelling for fun like going for a holiday or on company outings will see a decline. The economies have crashed the world over; the nations will take 5 to 10 years of time to return back to their original economy. 

The entire economic development will take a back seat for a while. Most businesses have suffered a great loss and will take time to resume. 

3. Studying out will lose the charm

So many people suffered and lost life in the Corona outbreak. Students who were studying in countries like the US, Europe, Russia, China, etc. got stuck in those countries for weeks together. They were desperate to return but were helpless as there were no flights or trains running. 

The parents were extremely concerned about their children but were helpless to get them back. We are hearing stories about how some parents traveled on two-wheeler or four-wheelers for miles together to get their children back.

Even within the country, the children got stuck in different cities, and they couldn’t return for 6 to 8 weeks. This whole Corona episode has scared the parents so much that they are reluctant to partying from their children.

Safety is first before everything else, so the trend of studying outside in other cities or going overseas for studies will curb down drastically.

4. Shopping will not be leisure anymore

Earlier for most women, shopping was a big stress buster. But, now onwards, with this norm of maintaining a strict social distancing, people will not step out for fun. Everyone will shop based on their needs. The commercial garment and cosmetic industry will also see a big drop in demand.

5. Eating freshly made home-cooked food will be a new norm

Post-COVID pandemic, we will never return to eating outside as much as we did earlier. Occasionally eating outside will be there, but not every day. Everyone has realised the importance of good health and a strong immune system.

People will be a lot more conscious about their diet and health, now onwards. 

6. Online Classes: There will be not much of a rush in the morning hours for mothers to cook and pack lunch boxes for everyone. Virtual online classes will be a new norm for kids. Till the time the vaccine is launched, parents will be extremely reluctant to send their kids to school and colleges. 

For this year, at least studying online will be the new normal norm. Kids will have a gala time in many ways. They will get ample time to spend with their parents and will enjoy the new home-cooked fresh recipes made to pamper them.

There will be no travelling stress with prolonged school hours for them. 

Though once the vaccine is launched, things will come back to normal, but they will never be the same as they were. The priorities of life have definitely changed. Life seems to be so unpredictable. People will realise the true essence of life and will stop giving so much value to money.

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