Why is tolerance such a necessary trait to develop?

All of us are increasingly becoming intolerant in attitude towards life. A small tiff, slight misbehaviour, slight insecurity triggers irritation, frustration, and anger in us.

People lack control on their minds. A small comment by a friend or a colleague can run us through a series of negative thoughts for days together. ‘Tolerance’ has become the thing of the past.

So, today I am going to narrate you a story that will tell us why it is so important to have tolerance in life. 

A young priest thought of getting a beautiful temple made. He decided to make a beautiful temple of marbles. He asked the stone cutters to mould each marble to a specific shape to make a statue of God out of it.

The stonecutter picked up the first marble and started hammering it to mould it to a given shape. While beating, the stone gave up and developed a crack. 

The stonecutter picked up the other marble. He started hammering it, and even this stone broke. 

Then, he picked up the third marble and started hammering it the same way. Luckily, this one did not break at all and got moulded into the desired shape. So, this marble became the part of God’s statue, which was worshiped every day by thousands of devotees.

The rest two pieces of marble were used to make the steps of the temple. Every day thousands of people stepped on those two pieces of marble, whereas the third piece of marble was worshipped day in and night as it formed the part of God’s sculpture.

Had the first and second pieces of marble been tolerant, even they would have gotten fitted into the statue of God. So, this is what tolerance does to us. It brings out the best in us by strengthening us further to face any situations in life. 

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