How to stay fit and healthy during a lockdown?

satIt has become challenging for most to maintain their weight and fitness with no access to the gym, running, walking, jogging, and swimming. And, amidst this lockdown craze, there are so many recipes of cakes, pizzas, homemade burgers, chicken curry, grilled fish, etc. doing rounds that everyone prefers to indulge.

So, the question is how to stay fit and healthy during the lockdown.

Well, though, health and fitness may seem like a far-fetched dream, but it only takes a little focus and dedication to achieve it. Here, are a few tips that can help you stay fit during a lockdown:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the lift.

Most of us are stepping out once or twice a week to buy daily essentials of groceries. So, whenever you step out, prefer taking the staircase instead of elevators if you are residing in a flat or an apartment.

Climbing upstairs helps you to burn a lot of calories on the go. 

2. Eat your dinners before 7 PM

Another secret to staying fit is to have an early dinner. There must be at least a gap of three hours between your dinner and nap, as it allows your body to digest the food. Moreover, when you eat early, you tend to burn the extra calories by doing your regular work. So, there are fewer chances of calories converting into fat in your body.

3. 20-minute work out can do wonders

A short 20 minute of workout can help you stay fit and healthy. You can pick up any aerobic videos online. There are high-intensity training videos, yoga videos, simple aerobic exercises, exercise for beginners, etc. available on youtube for you to follow. 

My personal favourite is walk a mile video by Leslie Sansone, who gives you necessary aerobic steps and still make you lose weight. Regularity or consistency is the key to losing weight. It is extremely important to maintain fitness. Mind you, regular workout also boosts immunity, which is the key to survival in such turbulent times.

4. Stay active

Though no visitors, friends, and relatives are expected to drop in at this hour, but it is extremely important to maintain your house and its hygiene. Doing household chores is an excellent workout and a remedy to stay fit and lose weight.

Though doing chores can get boring but look at the immense benefits it brings to you. So, you must actively engage in sweeping, cleaning, cooking, etc. It will energise you and make you feel good, positive, and energetic.

Moreover, you would realise that self-cooked food is much more satiating and enjoyable as it is cooked with a lot of love. So, even some high-calorie meals or desserts will not make you put on those extra inches as it is cooked with love. 

5. Laugh out loud

Let the world take its own time to settle down amidst this vast crisis. You just need to be cautious and keep yourself safe by staying indoors. Do not let this stress you out as this situation is anyways, not in your control. 

So, why not make the best use of time with your family members and near and dear ones? Laugh out loud, do things that you always wanted to do but couldn’t due to lack of time, pursue your passion, learn something new and most importantly laugh out loud.

We must stop taking life so seriously and just accept things the way they are. Laugh out loud, enjoy every moment of life, and see how beautiful this life gets.

6. Love yourself: Haven’t we all criticised ourselves enough? Be it some extra inches here and there, or the way we look, we are actually very critical about ourselves. 

You need to respect yourself first, love yourself first, and then love and respect your body for what it is. Had your body not supported you inspite of all those extra pounds, you wouldn’t have reached here right? Instead of being critical, you need to love and thank your body and see how it transforms itself.

So, you see, staying fit is a matter of perspective rather than a matter of opportunities. You can actually use this time to shed extra calories and get back in shape by having the right perspective.

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