How to quit smoking?

Millions of people across the planet are victims of cigarette smoking. Initially, it feels great when you start smoking but slowly it eats away your physical and mental health.

With the occurrence of cancer rising rapidly, smoking accelerates it further. Smokers are very high chances of getting lung cancer which is a deadly disease in itself.

Other repercussions of smoking are heart disease, brain damage, chances of getting stroke, early development of cataract, breathlessness, bone degeneration, weakening of immunity, cancer of eyes, nose, lips or mouth, etc. Yet, the smokers still smoke……

Perhaps, smoking is hard to quit. Yet, there are people from various walks of life who have successfully quit smoking and have regained their lost health. So, why not keep making persistent serious attempts to choose life over death.

Here , are  few strong reasons and ways that can help you kick out smoking

  1. You don’t want to die so soon

We are all running on toes to earn a living. Who doesn’t want a bright future? A secured future? A safe future? A healthy future?

But, smoking is taking you away from all the comforts of life. It is eating away your health, which will make you totally helpless and crippled in life.

You will agree that the best life is life without any ailments or without any physical dependencies. Imagine, what good is a big mansion when you can’t walk around on your feet?  The money that you are earning and saving will not do any good, if you end up losing your health.

2. You are staking the lives of your family

Even the second-hand smoke is as deadly as the smoking itself. When you smoke, you family is also exposed to the harmful smoke of cigarettes which are staking their lives as well. 

After becoming an addict, you see the sword hanging on your head all the time. You don’t want to die but you don’t see a way out to beat this addiction. You don’t want your family to sail in the same boat. 

Imagine how harmful it is for your kids and spouse to inhale this harmful smoke when you are fagging. 

3. You don’t want to age so soon

Yellow teeth, difficulty in breathing, breathlessness in walking or running around, wrinkled skin, yellowness in eyes, grey hair, tiredness, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, etc. are good enough reasons to push you to quit smoking.

You cannot stake your life just because your brain is addicted to nicotine. Your life is precious, don’t wait to lose it to realise its worth.

How to quit smoking?

Meditation: You are addicted to cigarettes because you are no longer able to control your mind. Your mind is the most powerful tool to use. When you become the servant of your mind rather than the master, then all kinds of vices and addictions take over. 

You need to train your mind to listen to you. For this, just start practising meditation for at least 15 minutes in a day. By doing this you would be able to choose to not smoke a cigarette no matter how badly your body needs one.

As per the famous healer and wellbeing practitioner, Louise Hay, ‘Bless your cigarette with love, every time you throw it after using’. The more you bless it with love, the faster it vanishes out from your life.

Louise comes from a belief, ’Love is a pure energy which has an immense power to heal.’ The more you bless your weaknesses with love, the sooner they heal themselves and vanishes out from your body.

Eat simple healthy food and get into a regular workout routine. It will give a further boost to your mind and body to overcome this deadly habit of smoking.

You need to move on in life!

Your body has an amazing power to heal itself. It will heal itself anytime, you allow it to. So, don’t live with this guilt that you have done so much harm to your body. Every day is a fresh beginning. The moment you choose to live healthily, resets the healing button in your body which sets to work.

Your body needs your support to heal itself. Eat it with positive powerful thoughts and healthy food and it knows how to heal itself. You can still have a perfect radiant health provided you quit smoking forever. 

Hope, it works for you…..

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