MBA Chaiwala (a perfect example to show no work is small)

Who doesn’t want to get famous to earn a big name?

People work so hard to earn a name in life. Young students at a tender age of 13 or 14 studies through the day to crack exams like IIT and NEET. Most career aspirants in India still want to be engineers, doctors, and lawyers as they consider it to be a noble profession.

But, today we will be talking about MBA chaiwala, who changed the dynamic of looking at a job as big or small…..This young energetic teapreneur, became famous worldwide merely by selling ‘tea’. He was himself the MBA aspirant of getting into the top MBA college but failed terribly in the CAT entrance exam.

But, this failure couldn’t come in his way of starting his own venture and becoming famous in no time. He defied all odds by starting a tea stall with merely 8000 Rs of investment. MBA chaiwala aka ‘Prafull Billore’ had no shame in serving tea to his customers.

There are millions out there who are engaged in white-collared corporate jobs but feel suffocated and stuck in their lives. They might by earning decently well but are not happy from inside. They do want to break free and start something of their own but what they lack is courage. We all are driven by the fear ‘What will people say, if I become a tea seller or a vegetable vendor?’

So, today let us take a closer look at this guy’s story and the learnings that we get from his amazing unusual journey.

Learnings from MBA Chaiwala’s story

  1. Your passion is your best profession: Tea seller, coffee seller, sandwich seller, roadside food seller, newspaper seller, every profession is noble. Just because the society or the people find doctors, engineers, and lawyers a noble profession, doesn’t mean other professions are any less.
  2. The best time to chase your passion is now: MBA Chaiwala dropped out from an MBA college as he didn’t see any value addition happening. He walked out to pursue his passion for selling tea. He immediately set up a tea stall without bothering about the nature of the job or what would people say if he sells tea. This goes on to show that if you really want to do something in life, then just go ahead and do it, without thinking much.

Let your life be defined by your likings and your beliefs. People remember the success stories and not the struggle behind becoming a success.

3. Education and success are not always related: Successful people are not always educated, MBA chaiwala is the perfect example of this. Though he is a graduate, he dropped out of MBA as he figured out his passion to run sell tea. Once he wanted to get into top MBA institutes of India, to have a perfect career ahead, but, now he goes to IIM’s to tell them what does it take to build such a successful business from scratch.

There are plenty of rags to riches stories which shows that education cannot govern success at all times. Success depends on your attitude of looking at things, people and situation. When Prafull started his small roadside tea-stall, he hid it from his father as he feared that his father might get upset on learning that he has started a small tea-stall.

But, today not just his family but the entire world is applauding his courage, and creativity to take his small business to heights in no time. Though Prafull’s story looks like a fairy tale he has his own shares of struggle. He even worked as Mcdonald’s as housekeeping staff to learn the basics of this business.

So, life serves you the best when you develop the right perspective of looking at it. You just need to broaden your lens of viewing situations around and see how life turns around to reward you at every step.

Hats off to MBA chaiwala who is grabbing attention the world over. His courage could take him on the road to success which nobody ever imagined.

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