Homeschooling small Kids: 5 tips to make the most of it

Homeschooling can be a little demanding on parents, but it is highly effective way of teaching kids. When you homeschool your kids, they get one on one attention, and they end up grasping things much better. At times, homeschooling can be challenging as kids don’t take their moms as seriously as they take their teachers. If you are like me, I am sure you don’t believe in thrashing kids for not listening to you.

So, in such cases, getting your child to study well at home becomes incredibly challenging. But, we all learn by doing things……so here I am sharing a few tips that will help you to homeschool your child much better.

  1. Make use of handy notes and stick on: Getting kids to revising things is a daunting task. Most young kids till 10 years of age refuse to take the initiative to study on their own. So, how do you deal with this?

Well, the solution is quite simple. Use sticky notes or put up essential points on a soft board or in easy access to make your child revise while cooking, cleaning, or doing any other chores.

For example, you can list down new words, names of the planets, names of the oceans, names of the states, etc. on a paper. And, make your kids revise these names while they are playing around.

2. Make homeschooling fun: At home, you have so many resources to access to teach your kids. For example, if you are teaching about oceans and seas, then play some interesting videos of oceans online.

If you are teaching them about animals and birds, shown them the same online to generate interest in them. If you are teaching about leaves, plants, and trees, then take them out to your garden (if you have any) to show them the leaves, stem, and trees actually.

Also, while reading out stories to kids, use voice modulation, and try to enact those stories a bit to make them more attractive.

3. Include breaks to let kids relax: Small kids have a short attention span. They hate to sit and study for long hours. So, it is better to take some breaks in between. Ideally, two hours of studies are more than enough for kids until up to grade 4. At home, the child gets personal attention, which is why they grab things really quickly. If a child studies well just for two hours every day, they will pass out with flying colours.

So, plan the study time to make your child study twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. Let kids enjoy their prolonged stay at home as they are anyway put under so much pressure in schools. Small kids are made to study for 6 to 8 hours in school at a stretch with very short breaks in between.

So, let kids have an easy approach to studies. This way, they will enjoy studying and will be willing to study with you. 

4. Pamper kids with their favourite food: Kids love to be pampered with their favourite food. When they have their favourite menu for lunch they are more willing to come to terms to study. A little pampering can really give your little angels kick to study well. You can cook delicious healthy recipes to keep your kids happy. 

Luckily now, they can enjoy freshly cooked elaborate meals at home. So, let them enjoy to the fullest. 

5. Enjoy life and take things easy: Though homeschooling is one primary agenda with parents these days, yet, your child’s safety and wellbeing is of utmost importance. Don’t be under pressure to finish all the topics taught in online classes. There is an entire year ahead to finish the syllabus. Let your child take their sweet little time to grasp the concepts at their pace. 

Take time to teach some spiritual things to your kids to ensure they grow up to become mentally strong. Readout stories with strong moral values to bring out the righteous attitude in kids. Teach kids how to be positive in every situation by sharing anecdotes of challenges that you, your spouse, or other family members overcame with courage. This is a good time to nurture and mould your child’s mindset to positive and spiritual. Your child will remember these memories for the lifetime. So, work on building some really nice, happy memories that stay like a treasure with your child.

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  1. I remind people, public school has not always been around. Early in our country’s history, parents and life taught the kids, often working with the family. Our founding fathers, if people would read their words, were far and above many today. While technology keeps advancing, people are losing wisdom. To parents: whatever you teach, if you do it with love and understanding, will be far above anything we’re seeing in most institutions today. More important, with good skills (i.e. writing, reading, and arithmetic), that they learn practical things with childhood hopes of adulthood, talking with their parents.


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