Professional Jealousy: Tips to deal with it

Are you surrounded by people who are incredibly jealous of you?

Are you upset with colleagues who try to show you down?

Do you have Hippocrates around you who are friends on the face but stab you on your back?

If yes, then you are a victim of jealousy, a powerful disruptive emotion that can depress you internally.

Each one of us has faced colleagues, batchmates, and friends who hate good performers because of their excellent talent and skills.

Something that must be looked at as inspiration is always envied due to insecurities. Growing up, I had seen many friends and batchmates envy of me because I could score more than them. Very soon, I learnt that being a victim of professional jealousy is something that stays forever, as long as you are competing against your rivals.

This negative emotion can totally disrupt the productivity of a person and can push him to feel isolated, targeted, and bullied. So, what should one do if he or she falls victim to professional jealousy?

Tips for dealing with professional jealousy

  1. Be cool-headed: You might face harsh sarcasm on your face when your colleagues or friends are jealous of you. But, it would be best if you took it positively rather than getting troubled by it.

People are jealous of you simply because they look at you as a threat to their jobs and existence. This clearly shows that you possess the talent and skills that they don’t have. So, pat your back to have come so far and have excelled so well that people around are insecure because of you.

2. Stay confident of your craft: You have reached where you are because of your hard work. It is like you have done your ‘karma’ or deeds which brought back results in the form of appreciation, promotion, bonus, or a better opportunity. If it is making others jealous, then it is none of your business. In fact, instead of focusing on the work, your peers are focussed on you, which is pushing them further away from success.

3. Nobody is a friend: Owing to the harsh competition, people are extremely insecure about their jobs and careers. Everyone wants to grow fast and become rich, but very few make efforts to earn that success.

The world is filled with such people, and the brutal fact of life is that nobody is your friend. If you really want to confide in somebody, it is best to confide in yourself and become your best companion.

4. Nobody can go away with your luck: This is indeed one most forgotten thought that must always be remembered. Your success depends on your efforts and your will-power. Nobody in this world has the power to snatch your due from you. 

Because the only reason they are jealous of you is that they can’t achieve what you have achieved. And, they feel helpless in reaching to the pinnacle of glory, which is why such people are jealous of achievers.

When such people cannot write their own destiny, how can they write someone else’s destiny? Their mean, petty attempts to harm you can only temporarily come your way, for it is your determination and positivity that will take you to your destiny.

So, we must always be headstrong, positive, and focused on dealing with politics. Such negative people die their own death and……

Believe it or not, ‘Justice is always done.’

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