How has life changed for kids post-COVID pandemic?

With COVID around, life has definitely changed for good in some ways. When it comes to kids, life couldn’t have been better. The kids have finally got an opportunity to learn from their primary teachers, their parents.

Life has changed so much for good. I see kids waking up early not to rush to school but to cycle around in the fresh air. They get to enjoy the soothing Sun and peaceful environment around. The morning rays of the Sun nourish the minds of the young ones.

Finally, the families are uniting and are getting the opportunity to eat all three meals together. The kids can learn at ease at their own pace.

With a little relaxed environment now, I see many kids playing together at the park in the evenings. They are no longer time pressed to sleep early as they don’t have to rush to school next morning.

Finally, the smile is back on their face! No tuitions, no schools, no major exams to face…….wow! what a life? Of course, kids do feel lonely and miss their friends and school at times but they are getting so much more in exchange.

Eating freshly cooked meals, having fun with family, getting ample time to spend with siblings and parents are amazing benefits that have been gifted this year. Suddenly, a lot of parents have realised that home schooling works and the child learns better under the parental guidance.

Of course, for higher standards, things are little complicated as teachers and tuitions are must to deal with subjects like Maths, Physics, etc. But, the younger kids seem to be so happy that the idea of returning back to school has almost faded away from their minds.

Someone has truly said that, ‘When life throws lemons, just make some lemonade and drink it.’ The younger kids have proven how to accommodate happily with the new ways of living. The moms are super-happy to be able to have an hour of extended sleep in the morning as there is no school rush to handle.

Looks like COVID times have changed life better at least for kids and young mothers. Knowingly we have worked hard to improve our food habits. We have suddenly stopped eating outside and have started enjoying home cooked hearty meals. We have stopped watching movies in the theatres and have rather come together to enjoy movies at home as a family.

Kids have become quite participative in house activities. The olden times seem to have knocked in for kids at least to a great extent. This is surely going to be a memorable year for everyone but above all for kids.

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